The most crucial part of owning a pool is pool maintenance. The better you can maintain your pool and keep it running efficiently, the more fun you will have during the long, hot summer months. It only takes a few minutes every day to clean and manage your pool’s various systems. Make it a part of your daily schedule, and it will eventually become a habit that you take part in without even thinking about it.

Vacuum Your Pool Regularly

Vacuum your pool regularly and use the skimmer net to remove any debris that may be floating on top. Taking the debris off of the top will prevent it from sinking to the bottom, where it can decay and throw off the pH and chlorine levels of your pool water. Even if you use a pool cover, debris can still find its way into the water. Take a few minutes to clean the top of the pool cover to prevent the debris on top from falling into the water or getting into your filters.

Check Your Water Levels

Always check your water levels. Children splashing and evaporation can cause you to lose several gallons of water a day. As the water level goes lower, you will need to continue to add more to maintain the proper pH level. You may only have to add water to your pool every two or three days, but it’s essential to keep a close eye on it. If you start to lose too much water, it may indicate a leak somewhere in the water lines.

Properly Monitor the pH Levels of Your Water

The more people who swim in your pool, the more your pH levels will change. Monitoring your pH levels every day will keep your pool water sparkling clear. Use test kits to check the pH at least once a day, more often if you have had several people in your pool. Always make sure that you have the right chemicals on hand to bring your pool back into balance.

Monitor the Chlorine Levels of Your Water

If you use chlorine to keep your pool clean, you will need to monitor it closely. Using too much chlorine can irritate your eyes and skin. Too little chlorine can cause your pool water to take on a greenish tinge which can lead to an abundance of algae in the future. Monitoring your chlorine levels along with your other chemicals will help you to keep your pool fresh and clean throughout the day.

Keep the Filters and Baskets Clean at All Times

Clean the filters and skimmer baskets every day. You never know when a frog or leaves may end up finding their way into your filters. This can prevent your filter system from functioning efficiently. Therefore, you should backwash your pool regularly for the recommended amount of time. Although backwashing should flush most of the debris from the filters, it will be up to you to clean the filter thoroughly and check the reservoirs for any lingering debris.

Have a Feasible Schedule for Cleaning

It’s also important to create a cleaning schedule. Having a schedule in place will ensure that you never miss a maintenance check or a chemical/chlorine check. One thing to include on your schedule is having pool professionals visit your home once a year to thoroughly inspect your swimming pool and filtration system. They will be able to spot problems that you may not notice and repair them before they cause a breakdown.

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