In summer, a refreshing dip in your pool is the perfect way to cool down. But wait! Green grime and stubborn stains transformed your once-inviting pool into a murky mess. Don’t despair, pool owners! Let’s continue reading to explore and find the best way to clean pool walls.

What Can I Use to Clean My Pool Walls?

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Pool Brush: Choose a brush with stiff bristles appropriate for your pool’s surface (plaster, vinyl, fiberglass). A pool wall attachment for your vacuum cleaner might also be helpful.
  • Pool Skimmer: This trusty tool removes leaves, debris, and surface scum before they settle on the walls.
  • Pool Shock: This powerful treatment eliminates algae and clarifies cloudy water. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe use.
  • Pool Algaecide: This prevents algae growth in the first place. Choose one that targets the specific type of algae plaguing your pool.
  • Pool Test Kit: Regularly testing your pool’s chemical balance is crucial for maintaining a clean and healthy swimming environment.
  • Safety Gear: Protect your hands with gloves, and consider wearing goggles and a mask for added protection, especially when using pool shock.

How to Clean Dirty Pool Walls?

Here are the steps to follow –

  1. Prep Time: Before diving in, ensure your pool’s filter is running. Skim away any leaves, debris, and surface scum that could hinder cleaning the walls.
  2. Brush It Up: With your chosen brush, start scrubbing the walls in a circular motion, applying even pressure. Start from the top and work your way down, ensuring you reach every corner and crevice. Pay extra attention to areas with stubborn stains.
  3. Vacuum Duty: For a deeper clean, especially for stubborn grime, utilize your pool vacuum cleaner with a wall attachment. This will suck up loosened dirt and debris.
  4. Clean Up Your Act: Once your walls are sparkling, turn off the pump and let the settled debris be vacuumed to waste.
  5. Chemical Check-Up: Now’s the perfect time to test your pool’s water chemistry. Ensure your chlorine or bromine levels are within the recommended range to prevent algae growth and maintain proper sanitation.

How to Clean Algae from Pool Walls?

Here are the solutions to clean different forms of algae from pool walls –

  • Green and Black Algae: This common variety responds well to shock treatment. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for pool shock, ensuring the pool filter is off during application. After shocking, run the filter continuously for 24 hours to remove dead algae.
  • Yellow Algae (Mustard Algae): This stubborn type requires a dedicated algaecide specifically formulated for yellow algae. Follow the product directions and maintain proper chlorine or bromine levels to prevent its return.

Regardless of the algae type, persistent brushing is key. Brushing disrupts the algae’s hold on the walls, making it easier for the shock or algaecide to do its job. Remember that consistent maintenance is essential for a clean and healthy pool. Brushing your pool walls at least twice a week and shocking the pool every few weeks (depending on chlorine level and usage) helps prevent algae buildup.

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