If you want to do it right, cleaning your pool tile the right way will take time. Calcium and other substances can coat your tiles, making them look dingy and dirty. Instead of just wiping down, hire your local pool professionals to clean your tiles with their specially formulated cleaners and tile cleaning equipment. It will look like you had a brand new pool installed when they are finished. If you want your pool professionally cleaned, your pool cleaning professionals can inspect it meticulously to ensure it’s in good working order. This blog gives easy tips on pool tile cleaning and how professional pool cleaners can help.

2 Sources of Calcium

Calcium can usually come from two different places, making your pool look old and dirty. The first type of calcium is what leaches up through your grout. If the surface of your deck wasn’t properly sealed before the tile was put in place, the calcium can make its way through the grout and coat your tiles. Calcium will also begin to accumulate if your pool’s water is too acidic for an extended period. Calcium will begin to collect at the water line leaving a white ring around your pool.

Pool Tile Cleaning Services

Your pool cleaners take many steps to ensure that your pool gets the cleaning it needs. For example, at Sparkling Clear Pools, we will turn off your filter system and auto-fill valve to get a good look at what type of cleaning is needed. We go below the bottom of the tile to ensure that every inch of your tile is sufficiently cleaned. With our unique cleaning solutions and professional equipment, we can make the tile surrounding your pool shine like new.

Pool Tile Repair Services

Pool tiles are made to be incredibly durable. That doesn’t mean they are damage-proof. Pool times may eventually break if they are hit with something hard or the grout becomes damaged, and they begin to chip or fall out. A good pool tile repair service will replace your damaged tiles and re-grout the area so that your pool will continue to look its best for many years to come. As soon as the repairs have been made, it will take approximately 48 hours for the grout to cure. Your pool cleaning service should return to the pool to ensure everything is in good shape and restart your pool’s system and turn the auto-fill switch back on.

We Fix Your Tiles and Make Them Look Brand New!

At Sparkling Clear Pools, we do so much more than fix your tiles and make them look brand new. Our goal is to make your pool look better than it ever did before. Cleaning your pool is a tedious job, but we make it easy. We have the cleaning solutions and the equipment to give your pool the deep clean it needs to look fresh and bright. While we are fixing your tile and grout, we can inspect your entire system to ensure that everything is in good working order so you will not have to shut your pool down twice during your summer swim season.

If you are noticing cracks in your tiles or the grout that surrounds them, you should have them repaired immediately. While we are repairing your tiles, we can also give your pool a deep cleaning to remove any calcium residue that may be present. Call your local pool professionals at Sparkling Clear Pool Service to learn more about our pool cleaning and tile repair services. We will make your pool look better than brand new!