When you own a swimming pool, you obviously desire to be able to enjoy the water without having to worry about dealing with sand. Most swimming pools have some type of sand filter or filtration system that uses sand to keep debris and contaminants out of the water. However, when sand starts making its way into your pool, you may have a problem with your filter.

How Sand Gets into Your Pool

Sand can get into your pool in a number of ways. There are two primary ways for sand to travel into your pool. The first way is that you bring it into your pool with your feet or your body. The second way is through your pool’s broken filtration system, which will allow sand to migrate through your pipes and enter your swimming pool. While you may be able to fix a standpipe or laterals on your own, it may be in your best interest to call in a professional. Changing the sand in your filter will help you determine what is broken inside your filter and will give you a chance to make any repairs that are needed.

Getting the Sand out

Getting the sand out of your pool isn’t necessarily a difficult task, just a tedious one. The first step is to use your pool brush and gather the sand in one area. You can also brush it into several smaller piles if you have a larger pool. The next step is to set the multiport valve on your filter to the “filter” setting. As you vacuum your pool, the sand will be sent back into the filter itself, where it belongs. You may also want to vacuum your pool by hand to make sure that you get all of the sand from around the bottom and the edges of the pool.

Preventing Sand from Becoming a Problem

The best way to keep sand from becoming a major problem is to perform pool maintenance on a regular basis. This includes checking your filter each week and following your pool filter’s maintenance schedule.

Put rugs or artificial turf around the edge of your pool to scrape away sand and other debris off of the bottom of your feet before you get near the water. A lot of sand and dirt finds its way into the pool as you go from your yard to your pool. Eliminating dirt and debris before it even gets to the pool is the best way to keep sand from accumulating in your pool.

During summer, the goal is to keep cool by lounging in your pool. You don’t want to deal with sand building up and making it difficult for you to spend quality time while you are trying to relax. Keeping your pool clean isn’t difficult if you take a few simple steps to make sure your pool’s system is running properly. At Sparkling Clear Pool Service, we are professionals in pool maintenance with valuable years of experience. Reach out to us at 214-361-0255 for all of your pool maintenance needs in the whole of Fairview, Frisco, Allen, and McKinney, TX. Contact us today!