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Pool Cleaning & Repair Service McKinney, TX

You have a pool to relax and have fun with family and friends.

Don’t let the worry about cleanliness and balancing of chemicals for health, safety, and protection of equipment stop you from accomplishing your desire.  Let SPARKLING CLEAR POOL SERVICE partner with you to provide a clean and safe environment for your pool parties with family and friends. 

We can provide you with our standard package or customize a special package after consulting with you. SPARKLING CLEAR POOL SERVICE is dedicated to working with you to allow you to receive maximum enjoyment from your pool. Give us a call at 214-361-0255 to discuss your needs.


Sparkling Clear Pool Service is a competent fully insured and licensed Pool Management Service, licensed to work on pool electrical equipment and certified to service commercial and residential pools.  Using the latest technology, we provide the most efficient and effective service for your pool. Our pool management software allows us to track and schedule same day service each week, filter cleanings, salt generator service and maintenance and repair.  Business plan and goals for Sparkling Clear Pool Service are predicated on providing you with maximum satisfaction in the servicing of your pool.  You will find us friendly and very willing to work with you in solving issues.

We are CPO certified.

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Pool Cleaning & Repair Service



Testing and Balancing Chemicals
Empty pump basket
Empty skimmers
Empty pool cleaner bag
Skim pool for debris
Brush pool walls
Vacuum as needed
General inspection of all equipment
Provide email record of service and any items
needing attention

If you want a healthy, clean, and safe pool with minimal involvement, this package would be your choice. If, however you wish to be more involved in your pool servicing, we can customize a program to meet your needs.


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Chemical Test



Pool Brain


Swimming pool Time

Available 7 days a week

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Satisfaction Guranteed

Maintenance & Repair

Periodically and on a routine basis it will be necessary to clean your pool filters and salt water generators. Using our pool management software, we will set up a schedule to insure these are properly maintained.


If our weekly inspection discloses repair or replacement of your auxiliary pool equipment is needed, we will provide an estimate of the cost and with your approval will make the repair or replacement. We can repair or install heaters, pumps, valves, electrical controls, and all other pool equipment. Our goal is to provide top professional care of your pool and to keep you advised throughout the process.

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Call us to get a free estimate at 214-361-0255 or complete the form below and we will contact you.

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