When you own a swimming pool, you may think you spend more time keeping it clean than you do enjoying it. One way to eliminate nasty intruders and keep your pool sparkling clean is to use chlorine tablets. While the tablets won’t keep bugs, leaves, and other debris from making their way into your pool, they will help keep bacteria and algae under control. Chlorine tablets act like powerful sanitizers to keep your pool fresh and squeaky clean. This blog discusses how to add chlorine tablets to your pool.

Why Do We Prefer Chlorine Tablets?

Both chlorine additives and chlorine tablets are equally effective. We prefer chlorine tablets for a few reasons. First, they are easy to use because there is no measuring or figuring out when to add them to the pool. Second, chlorine tablets dissolve gradually. This means chlorine is steadily being released into the pool. The more you use the pool and introduce bacteria, the more the chlorine tablet will be able to keep it under control without you having to do anything.

Why Use Chlorine in Swimming Pools?

Chlorine is one of the least expensive of the pool chemicals. It’s also one of the most effective at sanitizing. It will eliminate all types of bacteria and viruses and reduce algae growth in the process. Keeping your pool clean through vacuuming and skimming out lawn debris will help, but using chlorine eliminates the bacteria that grows naturally in pools and on pool surfaces.

How Much Chlorine Concentration Do You Need in Your Pool?

The ideal range for chlorine concentration in a swimming pool ranges between 1 and 3 ppm (parts per million). It’s important that the level not go above 3 ppm. When the chlorine concentration is too high, it can irritate your eyes, nose, throat, and lungs. If you use chlorine to sanitize your pool, you must regularly test your pool water.

Finding the Right Chlorine Tablets for Your Pool

There are two sizes of chlorine tablets, one inch, and three inches. Three-inch tablets are much easier to work with and may be cheaper to buy depending on where you shop. These tablets are also more cost-effective, with each tablet being capable of sanitizing up to 5,000 gallons of water.

Effective Ways to Add Chlorine Tablets

There are a few ways to add chlorine tablets to your pool. It’s not a good idea to just toss them in. Instead, you can use an automatic pool chlorinator that allows you to add just the right amount of chlorine at a time. You can also put a chlorine tablet in the skimmer basket while cycling your water. You can also rely on a floating chlorine dispenser.

The Benefits of a Floating Chlorine Dispenser

Using a floating chlorine dispenser is one of the easiest ways to apply chlorine. Put a couple of tablets into the dispenser and let them float around the pool. While you are in the pool playing and swimming, the dispenser will make its way around, sanitizing the water as it goes.

Keeping your pool clean and safe for your family is a never-ending process, and chlorine tablets make the job much easier. If you have questions about chlorine tablets, call the pool professionals at Sparkling Clear Pool Service. We can help you keep your swimming pool in top condition and clean for your family.