Pool emergencies can occur at any time and can take many forms. If you suspect something is wrong, turn off the power and evacuate the area. Remove any debris that may be in the area and call a pool professional to come out and evaluate the situation. While there may be minor repairs you can make on your own, you will want a professional to handle the bigger jobs.

Leaks and Other Structural Issues

Leaks in the plumbing or the pool liner should be repaired by a professional. If they aren’t repaired correctly, you will have to make them a second time. This could lead to more extensive damage and costlier repairs. Structural issues can compromise the integrity of your pool and make it more difficult to fix. Leaks can cause water levels to drop rather quickly, raising your overall water usage.

Pump or Filtration System Failures

The pump and filtration system are integral parts of your pool. If they fail or malfunction, it can lower the quality of the water and make the pool unsafe for your family to swim in. It can also cause more water to be used. If this continues, it can cause your water bill to increase dramatically. Having your pump and filtration system inspected and maintained once a year will ensure that it continues to function properly.

Problems with Water Quality

A poorly maintained filtration system can lead to poor water quality. An unsanitary pool can lead to illnesses and will also damage the pool and its many components. Checking the pH balance regularly ensures the water is clean and your family has a safe environment for swimming. No matter what type of chemical system you use, there is a safe range that must be maintained if you want healthy swimming conditions.

Visible Damage

Always inspect your pool and pump for any type of visible damage. As soon as you notice any type of abnormality or breakage, call a pool professional right away and schedule an appointment to have it repaired. Waiting too long to have your pool repaired can cause the damages to worsen. They will be costlier to repair and, in severe cases, may require a replacement.

Electrical Issues

When it comes to any type of electrical issues, you must immediately cut the power and evacuate the pool. It’s important that you do not attempt to make this type of repair on your own. Call a pool professional who knows how to handle this type of repair. Do not attempt to turn the electricity to the pool on again until proper repairs have been made.

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