In summer, the sun is blazing, the days are long, and there’s nothing quite like a refreshing dip in the pool to beat the heat. But what happens when your pool water starts to feel more like a warm bath than a cool escape? While installing a high-powered pool chiller may seem like the ultimate solution, it can come with a hefty price tag. Thankfully, you can employ several budget-friendly strategies to keep your pool water cool throughout the summer. Let’s continue reading to learn 5 ways how to cool pool water in summer.

Harness the Power of Nighttime:

During the hottest part of the day, the sun directly heats your pool water. But here’s a secret weapon: nighttime! Cooler nighttime air temperatures present a golden opportunity to cool down your pool water naturally.
Run your pool filter at night to absorb the cooler nighttime air, gradually lowering the overall temperature. Aim for at least 8 hours of nighttime filtration during hot weather.

Shade Your Pool – Save Money and Your Skin:

Direct sunlight is the primary culprit behind rising pool temperatures. Creating shade for your pool is a win-win situation. Here are some cost-effective options:

  • Trees: If you strategically place trees around your pool, you’re already ahead of the game! Utilize their shade during peak sun hours.
  • Shade sails: These versatile fabric canopies can be attached to your house, fence, or dedicated poles, providing ample shade for a fraction of the cost of a permanent structure.
  • Umbrellas: Large patio umbrellas positioned around the pool offer temporary shade solutions, perfect for lounging areas.

Embrace the Power of Evaporation:

Evaporation can be your friend when it comes to pool cooling. Here’s how to utilize it strategically:

  • Wind it Up: A gentle breeze can accelerate the evaporation process, naturally lowering your pool water temperature. Consider the placement of your pool – an area with good air circulation is ideal.
  • Pool Cover Magic: While a pool cover might seem counterintuitive for cooling, a properly ventilated cover can actually help. Look for covers with breathable mesh panels that allow some water to evaporate while minimizing heat gain from direct sunlight and debris.

Water Features: More Than Just Aesthetics:

A beautiful waterfall or fountain adds a touch of elegance to your pool, but did you know it can also help cool the water? The movement of water exposes more surface area to the air, promoting evaporation and lowering the overall temperature.

Reversible Heat Pump:

Reversible heat pumps are costlier but more efficient. They provide instant coolness to pool water, and the best part is that they can be used in all weathers.

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Sparkling Clear Pool Service: Your Partner in Pool Cooling

Keeping your pool cool doesn’t have to be expensive. By implementing these simple and budget-friendly strategies, you can enjoy refreshing pool dips all summer. At Sparkling Clear Pool Service, we offer a range of pool maintenance services, including cleaning, chemical balancing, and equipment checks. Contact us today for a free quote. Call us at (214) 361-0255 to let us help you create your own summer oasis!