What is Best for Your Swimming Pool?


One of the most important things you can do to maintain your pool is to keep it sanitized and safe for your family. What often crops up when we talk about a sanitized pool is chlorine. Chlorine is an effective agent in battling against any and all contaminants that lurk in your pool water, such as bacteria, sweat, body oil, and more. Chlorine effectively removes the conglomeration of unwanted contaminants and surrounds them to mask the odor and harmful exposure to your swimmers who are unaware of such things. Chlorine is important- but do you need salt chlorinators or chlorine tablets?


Chlorine Tablets

Pool chlorine is readily available in various forms, including tablets. You have the option to buy tablets and sticks which are easily used by placing into a plastic pool chlorine floater – often molded into the form of a duck or some other friendly figure. You can also use the more professional way by installing a chlorine feeder with a control dial. Chlorine tablets are pH balanced and pre-stabilized, which means they are protected from the sun.


The main problem with chlorine tablets is that they often give off strong odors when opening the containers and can create combined chlorine if left unchecked.


Salt Chlorinators

Instead of continuously buying chlorine products, you can invest in a chlorine generator, which makes chlorine from salt for you so you can avoid the sanitation process. Most pools require hundreds of pounds of pool salt for the initial dose, but after that, you may just need maintenance dosages. How much you add will depend on your pool’s size and usage.


The initial setup is much more expensive than a chlorine pool but using a salt chlorinator means that you won’t have that typical chlorine smell. The salt pool doesn’t irritate the skin and is very easy on the eyes, too. However, salt doesn’t take care of everything. You will still need to test your water balance and you may need a liquid or granular chlorine to super shock the pool.


A salt system user will pay more upfront but very little over the year. Salt chlorination can pay for itself relative to the expense of chlorine tablet usage in about five years. After that, you are home free as long as the controller and salt cell keep working.


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