Updates on Pool Pump Changes

As a pool owner, you want an energy-savings, environmentally-friendly swimming pool. You may wish you could easily estimate your energy and cost savings before purchasing a pool pump. Fortunately, this is all possible with the new weighted energy factor scheme! The new weighted energy factor regulations from the Department of Energy (DOE) will make it even easier for pool owners. Here is what you should know.

What is the weighted energy factor (WEF)?

WEF ratings are very similar to how we measure the efficiency of a car in miles per gallon (MPG). A WEF rating will allow you to see and compare the energy efficiency of different pool pumps so that you can make an informed choice when purchasing. The higher the WEF rating, the more efficient the pump.

When is this change happening?

By July 19, 2021, all newly manufactured pool pumps that are included under the new rule must be tested and labeled with their WEF rating.

What does this mean for pool owners?

By establishing a WEF rating, your pool pump shopping just got easier. You will now have the tools to easily evaluate and compare how efficient new pumps are. In turn, this will help you reduce the energy you consume to run your pool, resulting in much lower monthly energy bills.

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