Tending to a Leaking Pool Pump

Although many pool pumps leak without incident, a leaking pump is a cause for concern. Ignoring a leaking pool pump can cause a rupture, potentially draining thousands of gallons from your pool. If your pump is experiencing any leaks, here are a few of the most common reasons for leaks – and how you can fix them with swimming pool maintenance help.

  • Shaft seal

A leaking pump seal is when you see water dripping down the backside of the seal plate. Keep in mind that this is not actually just a loose clamp band or water dripping from the pump outlet fitting. Once you’ve established it is the seal that’s leaking, you should obtain the correct shaft seal for your particular pump to replace.

  • Housing

The pump housing – also called the volute – is the ‘wet end’ of your pump. The housing can leak where it connects to the seal plate or the ‘dry end’ of your pump, if the clamp is loose, or if the seal plate o-ring is no longer making a good seal. In many cases, the pump housing will need to be replaced. Fortunately, replacement is fairly simple with just some light plumbing involved.

  • Pump Lid

A leaking pump lid will leak water only when the pump is off or not running – which can make a lead hard to find. In some cases, the lid has cracked which will require repair or replacement. Also, pump lids need to be on very tight, and pump lid o-rings need to be lubricated. A dry o-ring or loose pump lid will most likely drip when the pump shuts off.

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