Keeping Animals Safe Around Your Swimming Pool


As the warmer weather approaches, many of us will think about throwing back the pool covers to take a refreshing dip. When you have a back yard pool, not only do you have to ensure that children and visitors stay safe in the pool, but also animals, too. If you have a pet or frequent wildlife visitors in the night, you need to take some pool safety precautions.


Animals at High Risk

Pets that have a high risk of drowning are those older, blinder, and less athletic dogs and cats. Most dogs and cats are able to swim a short distance, but when panic sets in, this can lead to exhaustion. If your dog or cat has never swum before, he or she won’t know how to instinctively swim if they fall in.


Visiting pets, neighbor pets, strays, and wildlife that are able to wander into your backyard are also at high risk because they may not be accustomed to swimming. Smaller animals such as squirrels can also quickly drown in a few inches of water if they cannot escape. Many wild animals may come to drink from your pool at night, and it’s worth ensuring that they are not in any danger.


Protecting Animals

Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can prevent pool drownings.


  • Pool Alarm: If any object greater than 17 lbs enters the water, a very loud alarm goes off. This means that if your pet or a visitor falls into your pool, you will hear the alarm and be able to help.
  • Fences: It’s wise for all homeowners to install a fence around the pool and install a self-latching gate. Some sort of barriers between the pool and animals will go a long way to making your pool safer.
  • Ramps: Having a ‘pet step’ provides an easy way for your pet or a wild animal to climb up the ramp or stairs so that they can exit the pool. Pools without steps are impossible for animals to get out. They end up swimming around the pool until they tire out, panic, and drown.
  • Safety Cover: Even if you fence your pool, it’s always important to install a safety cover. They provide a barrier between the pool and the ground, meaning that small animals won’t be able to fall into the pool and drown as easily.


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