With everything going on in our world today, it is easy to forget that we each have our own battles to deal with. It’s up to every person to do their share when it comes to making the world a better place. Instead of keeping to yourself, take that first step and reach out to someone who you think may benefit from a random act of kindness.

Compliment Someone

You can start by complimenting someone. You don’t necessarily have to compliment them on their looks or their clothing. Instead, compliment them on a job well done. Let them know their efforts are valued and that you are grateful for the work they do. If they are a co-worker or an essential worker in a highly stressful job, a few kind words will do wonders for their self-esteem.

Offer a Word of Encouragement

When you know someone is going through a difficult time, take a few moments to offer a word of encouragement. Listen to their story and find out how they are feeling. Offer some advice if you have any that might apply. A few simple words of encouragement can go a long way towards brightening someone’s day.

Smile at a Stranger

It’s hard to believe that a simple smile can make such a change in a person’s day. It has actually been proven that if you smile at someone, they more than likely smile back at you. If you want, test the theory yourself and see how many strangers will smile at you if you smile at them first. Wearing facemasks during this pandemic may temporarily hinder those plans, so perhaps try saying hello as you pass. Get into the practice and smile or say hi to a stranger every day.

Buy Someone’s Lunch

When you are waiting in line to order lunch, pay for the person behind you. With so many people dealing with hunger, it’s one random act of kindness that will be truly appreciated. Paying it forward is a great way to share your appreciation for what you have with others who may not be so lucky.

Send a Random “I Love You” Text to a Family Member or Friend

Full schedules mean very little quality time spent with family and even less spent with friends. It only takes a few seconds to send a text to a friend or family member letting them know that you love them. With all of the technology we have at our disposal, there are multiple ways to send a message. Text, Snapchat, or any other type of messenger app can be used and your loved one will get a boost that will cheer them up for the rest of the day.

Random acts of kindness should be something we do on a daily basis. Don’t wait until you see someone having a bad day. Reach out and say something positive to brighten their day. Contact us at the Sparkling Clear Pool Service. We have answers to all of your questions concerning your swimming pool, hot tubs, or other recreational items. Get the answers you are looking for.