Spring is almost here, and it’s time to start thinking about getting your pool ready. Since the pool environment, including the water, has been dormant for a long while, it’s not safe to use your pool without cleaning it first. It is important to keep in mind that prepping a pool for swimming isn’t just about filling it up and diving in. You’ll want to open your swimming pool properly to ensure that it’s in great shape and safe for swimmers.

Check out this guide to pool maintenance and learn how you can guarantee your pool’s proper functioning and implement safety measures on time.

  1. Keep the Filter System in Top Condition

    Pool water filtration is essential for the health of all swimmers. It filters out the tiny particles and chemicals that may contaminate your pool water and make it unsafe. As you start prepping your pool for summer fun, you must include filter maintenance in your routine cleaning plan. Clean the filter every day. Don’t forget to check the pump basket and automatic vacuuming system too. After you’ve opened your pool, be sure to run the water filtration system 24 hours daily for the first 30 days or so.

  2. Oxidize Your Pool

    The water in your pool hasn’t been filtered in several months. Therefore, it may contain an unhealthy amount of various chemicals and impurities. It’s time to apply oxidizing agents like chlorine to sanitize your pool water. If you’re going to use chlorine, remember to keep its level within the 2-3 ppm bracket for the first few weeks after opening your pool.

  3. Keep Cyanuric Acid Levels in Check

    Check the level of cyanuric acid in your pool water before people start to swim in it. The acid is used in various chlorine products to stabilize the oxidizing agent for slow release. While the chemical serves a good purpose, too much of it in your pool water isn’t good. The amount of cyanuric may increase with time while decreasing the potency of chlorine. That’s why you may need to dilute the acid to under 100 ppm and optimize the effectiveness of chlorine.

  4. Brush the Pool Every Day

    To get your pool ready early this year, you’ll want to start brushing it daily. This cleaning task helps remove stains, and other tiny particles stuck on the pool walls and floor. When the dirt mixes up in the water, it’s easy for the filter to get it out. Alternatively, use a robotic pool cleaner or vacuum to remove stubborn stains on pool surfaces.

  5. Test Your Pool Water

    Your pool isn’t swim-ready until you’ve carried out all the key chemical tests. Start by testing the water pH level, which should be about 7.4 or so. Also, test the water for chlorine and other chemicals.

Follow these five tips to get your pool ready for swimming. You can count on the professionals at the Sparkling Clear Pool Service to ensure the safe re-opening of your backyard swimming pool. Call us today at 214-361-0255 for assistance cleaning up and getting your pool swim-ready on time.