When you are spending more time at home, you may be wondering how to complete the look and feel of your backyard. You have a pool that is perfect for taking a dip when the temperatures spike, but it’s missing something. A touch of greenery can really spruce up your backyard pool area – as long as you choose the right foliage. There are some plants that thrive poolside. Take a look at these poolside landscaping plants that hit the spot.

Pool Landscaping Plants to Consider

 Ornamental grasses

Stunning and low maintenance, these plants offer a lot of depth and movement around the pool. What’s more, they require little to no water, making them easy for homeowners who don’t have a green thumb. Some varieties such as Zebra grass come in variegated colors that offer a great contrast to the blue pool water. When planted together, these grasses can form a flowing barrier to create more privacy around the pool.


Ideal for the drought-tolerant landscape, succulents offer a lot of greenery without requiring much upkeep or maintenance. They come in a variety of different shapes, colors, and forms that offer an interesting touch to landscape design. Crassula and Yucca, large succulents, are great at providing deep green colors while creating barriers for privacy. Smaller succulents, such as Sedum and Aeonium, offer more intricate beauty that work well in bare areas around the pool. Succulents also mix in well with other plants and are easily accessible.


A much-loved poolside favorite is the Palm tree. They are the epitome of poolside landscaping that create a tropical atmosphere along with height elements. These beauties also create shade for the pool and lounging area. Plant these trees near your pool and there will be little leaf drop, meaning you won’t have to skim debris out of the pool as often.


Whether you’re looking for ultimate privacy, shrubs are a good way to go. A few shrubs make a great addition along any poolside and obstruct the view and noise from neighbors. Choose to plant a hardy shrub such as Hydrangeas that tend to grow quite large and offer a pop of color. For smaller shrubs, opt for a Tropical Hibiscus that provides privacy and a hint of lusciousness with large sun-loving blooms.

These are just a few plants you can choose to add to your poolside landscaping. If you’re unsure of where to begin, do you research and consult the professionals. Choosing the right landscaping for your backyard pool doesn’t have to be difficult.

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