Getting back in shape after being stuck in the house for months can be difficult. The key isn’t to wait until you can get back into the gym. Instead, start with a few exercises you can do at home. Even during the winter months, taking a brisk walk can be a great exercise for burning calories. Add in a few other simple exercises and you will have a full workout routine that will still get your heart pumping.

Stretch Frequently

Stretches are some of the most effective exercises that you can do from anywhere and at any time. Yoga and Pilates are similar to basic stretches but include more controlled movements. Simple stretches including bringing your arms over your head and reaching for as far as you can. Toe touches and side to side stretches are a great way to keep your core and back muscles flexible and limber. Stretching a few minutes every hour will keep your blood circulating and prevent your joints and muscles from tightening up.

Wall Push-ups

Wall push-ups are a good way to strengthen your upper body and core muscles. While they don’t seem like they do much good, wall push-ups are low impact and won’t place stress on the legs or lower back. Wall push-ups can be performed almost anywhere as long as you have a sturdy wall to use as a base. Performing push-ups in sets of 10, 15, or 20 will help you keep your muscles flexible and strong. The more push-ups you do, the more endurance you will have when it comes to other exercises.

Be Superman!

The Superman pose is one of the simplest, yet most difficult to do, especially if you are out of shape. Start by laying on the floor face down. Raise your arms and upper body off the floor as you stretch out and reach forward. At the same time, raise your legs and hips off of the floor and point your toes, stretching as far as you can. Hold for a few seconds each time, raising and lowering your arms and legs as slowly as you can to increase resistance.

Lunges: Forward and Reverse

Lunges are a great way to work your legs and your lower back. With a forward lunge, you take a step forward and lower your opposite knee until it almost touches the ground, then rise back up. To perform a reverse lunge, take a step back, lowering the opposite knee almost to the ground and then rise back up. Doing both forward and reverse lunges strengthen all of the muscle groups in the legs and lower back.

If you are trying to get back into shape, take a few minutes each day to perform these easy exercises for beginners. Before long, you will be able to move on to tougher exercises. At Sparkling Clear Pool Service, we can help you keep your pool clean, sanitary, and safe. Be sure to contact us on 214-361-0255 for all of your pool maintenance needs in McKinney, Allen, Frisco, and beyond!