Taking care of your swimming pool will keep it running properly for many years. Understanding what it takes to properly maintain your pool is important. Keep a checklist on your wall to remember all of the different steps. Keep track of when you perform each step so that none are forgotten. Take a few minutes every day to care for your pool, and you will be able to avoid major unexpected and costly issues. The steps here can help you maintain your pool.

Skim Away Debris

Clearing the debris out of your pool every couple of days will keep your filters from clogging and keep your pool looking clean and fresh. Skimming away the debris throughout the day will eliminate it from sinking to the bottom. Using the skimmer regularly is good exercise and will allow you to stay ahead of the game when it comes to keeping your pool’s pH balance within normal range.

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuum your pool every few days. It will eliminate any debris that skimming misses. Vacuuming the bottom of your pool will eliminate any debris that has floated to the bottom. The more you move around in your pool, the more you will stir up whatever has settled to the bottom. This is why you want to vacuum your pool before you get in and start moving around. Using the vacuum will also get rid of anything your skimming net misses.

Clean the Pool Filter

Clean your pool filter every day. This ensures that nothing gets trapped inside that could prevent it from functioning efficiently. If you skim your pool and vacuum every few days, the odds are that there won’t be much for the filter to catch. It’s important to check anyway, just in case a frog, snake, or other creature might make its way inside. Once you make checking your filter a daily habit, you will eventually start doing it without thinking. Scrub any algae or hard debris that clings to the pool using a nylon brush and a chemical pool cleaner.

Maintain Proper pH Levels

The pH levels of your pool are how you can tell if it is a good environment to swim in. A pH imbalance can cause the water in your pool to turn green or be overly cloudy. Checking your pH level every couple of days or whenever you notice any discolorations in the water is important. Maintaining normal levels will prevent you from having to shock your pool or clean it extensively. Proper pH levels of about 7.2 to 7.8 pH also help to keep bacteria numbers under control.

Find and Repair Any Leaks You Find in Your Pool

The water level in your pool should always be consistent. Check for any wet areas around your filters or pump. Monitor your plumbing to ensure there are no leaks within the system. If any leaks are found, have them repaired immediately. Don’t put off making repairs. Delaying any repairs may lead to costly pool bills if you need to have a professional fix the damages.

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