Is your pool no longer holding any appeal to you, or are you thinking of remodeling it? The good news is that you do not need to reconstruct it. You probably have heard of add-ons to modernize your pool. These upgrades give your pool the makeover it needs to improve functionality and style.

Water Features Remodeling Additions

Adding water features is one way to modernize your pool. There are different water features remodeling options. You can decide to go for deck jets, cascade waterfalls, rock waterfalls, stone decks, etc. These features come in different sizes, orientations, and heights. They provide an added effect of tranquility and the sound of rushing water.

However, before adding any water feature to modernize your pool, it should already have specific features and conditions to rationalize the cost and effect. For instance, you need a plumbing line to feed water to the water feature. If you already have a similar feature like this, it may reduce the cost of installation. Also, if outdoors already have a trench for electrical lines, your contractor may not need to dig a trench. The same space can be used for installing the plumbing lines.

Adding Fire bowls and Fire Pits to Pools

Fire features usually come with a gas line, and this line connects with the igniting system in the feature to create sparks. It can be manual or automatic lighting, and the fire feature can be a fire bowl or a fire pit. Gas-powered fire bowls are luxurious and welcoming sights to your pool area. They are usually prebuilt and can be made of either stone or metal. However, the bowl placement is the real beauty, but you will need the right stonework for it to get the perfect border and pedestal.

Fire pits are excellent alternatives to fire bowls. They are practical, highly functional, and very handy for keeping warm, roasting, and socializing during a pool party. They come in different shapes, styles, and customized sizes, usually between 24-48 inches.

Tanning Ledges Remodeling Additions

Tanning ledges or sun shelves may not be as stunning as the water feature, but they are in a class of their own. They are convenient and provide the kind of luxury you get from a 5-star hotel. They can be steps or benches of different shapes, sizes, and orientations. You can lie on them to absorb the sunrays while half-submerged in water. They also provide shallow pool areas where kids and pets can play safely in the water.

After remodeling your pool insure that it is properly maintained by contacting Sparkling Clear Pool Service serving McKinney, TX, Frisco, TX, Plano, TX, and Allen, TX.