For Texas residents who close their pools during the winter, opening them early will give them a chance to take care of a few tasks without disrupting their family’s pool time. It takes time to get your pool up and running. This can take away from the time you have to enjoy the water and quality time with your family. Opening your pool offers several advantages that will allow you to take the stress out of the prep process.

Some such advantages are discussed here:

Prevents any Future Problems

When you open your pool early, the stress to beat the warm weather isn’t there. You have a chance to thoroughly inspect your pool and go over all of the working parts. You will have time to look for any small issues that may lead to bigger problems later in the pool season. If your pool is closed for an excessively long duration, the chemicals used in the previous season start wearing off, and your pool water doesn’t get circulated.

The standing water and rising heat might cause algae to develop.  Go through your filtration system piece by piece and look for any worn parts or parts that may have cracked during the winter. Get a handle on those issues while they are small, and you won’t have a larger mess later.

Allows Adequate Time for Some Make Much-Needed Repairs

Poor maintenance or simply a lack of preventive maintenance can leave you open to major repairs over time. If you open your pool a little earlier than normal, you will have time to make any much-needed repairs that you find during the cleaning and inspection. You will also be able to get a professional pool maintenance service in McKinney, TX, without too much wait time.

Most will be rather small, like a broken fitting or filter basket. You may, however, find worn parts that must be replaced before you open your pool. Taking care of these repairs now will prevent you from having to close your pool during the summer season to make necessary repairs.

Less Wait Time

Opening your pool a week or two early will take the wait out of the equation. By the time the temperatures start to indicate pool season, yours will be clean and sparkling fresh. Depending on how deep you go into your cleaning and maintenance schedule, it can take a week or more to get your pool up and running. Starting a few days early not only gets a jump on the process but also eliminates the stress associated with making any repairs that may be needed. No one wants to wait for repairs or cleaning. Get started early, and you won’t have to wait at all to enjoy your pool.

Lets You Enjoy a Longer Swim Season

The sooner you open your pool, and the temperatures start to cooperate, the sooner you can begin to enjoy pool time with your family. Enjoying a longer swim season has its advantages. Not only do you get more time with your family, being in the pool is relaxing. If you use your pool for exercise, water offers the same amount of resistance as the force you put into it. The longer you can enjoy your pool during the year, the more you will get out of your pool.

Opening your pool early saves you the stress associated with getting your pool ready before the season starts. It gives you the time you need to take care of anything you didn’t get to finish when you closed your pool last fall.

Looking for pool repair services in Frisco, T? Call our professionals at Sparkling Clear Pool Service to learn more about all of the benefits associated with opening your pool early. They can give you the advice you need to get your pool in top condition.