Thanksgiving is usually seen as a traditional American holiday, centered around pumpkin pie and parades. With this holiday coming up quickly, it’s easy to see that this year will look a little differently than previous celebrations. Some of us won’t be able to meet up with friends and family, or our trips away may have been canceled. If you are going to be hosting or attending Thanksgiving on a smaller scale this year, it’s essential to do so safely. Instead of having a less-than-special celebration, why not embrace it and try something new instead? Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Celebrating Thanksgiving Differently This Year


  • Host a virtual Thanksgiving

2020 is undoubtedly the year of Zoom meetings and quizzes. This Thanksgiving, you may be apart from your loved ones, which is where Zoom can step in. This video calling tool allows you to feel closer and more connected. Simply decide on a time to meet on Zoom and then set up a webcam at the dinner table. You can still enjoy your meal together – even when you’re apart.


  • Opt for a smaller menu

If you’re used to hosting 12 people for dinner, and this year it will be four, then you will need to adjust your menu accordingly. Opt for smaller sized portions, fewer side dishes, and perhaps one dessert instead of two. That way, everyone will still be satisfied and full, but you won’t have leftovers that go to waste.


  • Volunteer

Thanksgiving is a great time to spend with your family, but it’s also an occasion to remember that we are all part of a community. Families staying home this Thanksgiving can explore the different ways to help out their own community. You may choose to spend an hour or two at the local food bank, animal shelter, or trail cleanup.


  • Switch up the main dish

On this day of sharing and community, we shouldn’t forget about our non-meat-eating friends. Instead of serving up a turkey that could be too large for your smaller table of guests, choose a fun main course that will please everyone. There are so many good options, from lentil loaves to nut roasts and Tofurkey meat alternatives.


  • Create a new tradition

Not having the traditional big family Thanksgiving to look forward to can be difficult, but this year could be a great one for starting some new family traditions. Having something new to look forward to can brighten up the holiday and help your family introduce some fun into these dark times.


At Sparkling Clear Pool Service, we understand it’s a troubling time for everyone. We hope that these tips help you to enjoy Thanksgiving on a smaller scale this year, whatever your plans. From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.