A plunge in the swimming pool is a must in summer! If you install a new pool in your house or already have one, you must maintain it. With proper care and maintenance, the pool remains in good condition and functions well for a long time.

There are high chances of algae, fungus, and other microorganisms building up in the pool without regular cleaning. There are different ways to clean the pool water, including pool brushing.

The Importance of Brushing Your Pool

Many people install pool equipment to keep their pools clean. However, this might not remove bacteria, algae, and stains. A build-up of bacteria, algae, and other microorganisms in the pool makes the water murky, the pool looks dirty and creates health hazards. Many add chlorine to the pool water to kill the organisms. But excess chlorine causes health problems. The best way of dealing with all these problems is pool brushing.

6 Pool Brushing Tips

Pool brushing is a simple but time-consuming job. Here are some excellent pool brushing tips that will help you:

  1. Use a Nylon Pool Brush
    Different varieties of pool brushes are available in the market. Make sure that you buy a brush with nylon bristles, as they are stiff and can remove debris and dirt from the pool, and do not scratch.
  2. Replace Your Pool Brush Regularly
    Most pool brushes have a life span of four to five years. However, with regular use, they wear out and don’t remain as effective. Do not forget to check the bristles of the brush regularly. If they seem damaged or worn out, replace the brush.
  3. Make Sure You Brush the Whole Pool
    Just brushing the walls of the pool will not do. There might be microorganism build-up on the platform, slides, stairs, floors, and other surfaces. Experts recommend brushing the whole surface.
  4. Brush Twice a Week
    Experts recommend that you brush the pool a minimum of once every week. However, if you live in an area prone to bacterial and algae growth or use the pool daily or frequently, you should brush the pool twice a week. Frequent brushing will lessen the build-up of debris and dirt in the pool, making cleaning easier.
  5. Remove Debris Before Brushing
    Take a rake or a skimmer net to remove any debris, like sticks or leaves, from the pool. Start the brushing activity after removing the debris.
  6. Make Sure the Pump Is Running When You Brush
    When brushing the pool, ensure the pump is running so there is a steady flow of water and the dirt gets washed out immediately.

Save Time and Maintain a Sparkling Pool with Professional Pool Cleaning Services

Pool brushing takes quite a lot of time. If you cannot accommodate time in your busy schedule, hire the services of a professional company for pool brushing and cleaning. At Sparkling Clear Pool Service, we offer quality services for pool cleaning, maintenance, and repair. Contact us at 214-361-0255 now.


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