The bugs in the pool make it look unattractive and unsafe for swimming and other water games. Water boatmen and backswimmers are the common bugs that can occupy your pool, creating a nuisance for swimmers. However, you can keep them out of your pool. Do you know how? Let’s discuss this.

How Are Bugs Attracted to Your Pool and Invade It Eventually?

Water boatmen are brown-green, oval-shaped bugs attracted to your pool by algae. So, spotting these bugs in and around your pool may indicate that algae are growing in your pool. Light can also attract water boatmen. If your pool is well illuminated, you will likely spot water boatmen around. Backswimmers are skinny brown insects looking like water boatmen. You will likely spot water boatmen around if your pool is well-illuminated.

How to Get Rid of Bugs from Your Pool?

  • Skim the Bugs

    Skim the insects as you see them and throw them far away from the pool. You can also try the dish soap method, which includes adding 1/8th of a cup of dish soap per 10,000 gallons of water to your pool and leaving it intact for a day or two. This will help kill the bugs, making them easier to skim away.

  • Vacuum the Debris

    Vacuum across your pool to remove any remaining sediment and eggs that could fertilize later to start a new infestation.

  • Remove Algae from Walls and Floor

    Algae formation could be the reason for bugs in your pool. So, scrub your swimming pool’s floor and walls to loosen up algae, making removing it easier.

  • Test Water Chemical Balance

    The presence of algae and insects can imbalance the chemical levels in your pool. So, test your pool water to determine its chemical balance. Chemically balanced pool water must contain:

    1. Chlorine – 1.0-3.0 PPM (parts per million)
    2. Total Alkalinity – 80-120 PPM
    3. Calcium –  200-400 PPM
    4. pH – 7.2-7.8
  • Shock Your Pool

    It involves adding chemicals to increase the chlorine levels that help to kill algae and bugs. You may need to use different chemicals to kill different algae growths.

  • Add Algaecide

    Algaecide includes chemicals that prevent algae formation. So, it can be used as a preventative measure to keep algae out of your pool.

How to Prevent Bugs from Entering Your Pool?

  • Maintain the Right Chlorine Levels

    Preventing algae growth is crucial to prevent bugs, so, you must maintain recommended chlorine levels in your pool.

  • Perform Regular Cleaning

    Debris and sticky things also attract bugs and algae to your pool, so clean your pool regularly to get rid of them.

  • Cover Your Pool

    Dust and insects will sneak into your pool if it always remains open. So, cover your pool when it is not in use.

  • Turn Off Your Pool Light

    Lights attract all kinds of critters, including water bugs. So, turn them off overnight to avoid insects entering your pool.

  • Keep Vegetation Well-Maintained

    Overgrown grass, bushes, and branches are breeding grounds for insects, so trim them to keep insects away from your pool.

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