Decorating for the holidays is a great way to spend time with the family. Do not stop with the house, though. You can always brighten the yard, and there are even ways to spruce up your swimming pool. You do not need a lot of extra money to give your pool a good dose of holiday spirit. Take a few minutes and look for other swimming pool decorating ideas you can add to this list.

Float a Few Inflatables

Invest in a few holiday inflatables and let them set sail in your pool. As they float around, you and your family and friends can sit back and share a tall glass of eggnog or hot cocoa. When it’s time to sit back and relax, pull up a few chairs around the pool and enjoy the view. Inflatables come in all shapes and sizes. Buy a few different themes and swap them out occasionally. Start with Santa and one or two of his reindeer and then swap them for Frosty the Snowman and a few Christmas ornaments. Change it up and keep things interesting.

Add Some Green Garland

Greenery will also make a nice touch to your holiday pool decorations. Green pine boughs can be added to the top of your privacy fence or laid out on tables. You can also buy long strands of artificial green garland that looks almost real. Hang the garland around the pool or on your privacy fence. Attach a few red ribbons and Christmas decorations. Garlands and wreaths are exceptionally versatile and are easily attached to a variety of surfaces. If you like the garland idea, you might also want to include a wreath or two.

Let Your Light Shine

Rope lights, string lights, and floating lights can always be used to brighten up your pool area. Rope and string lights can often be set to flicker in specific patterns, colors, and brightness. Some may even be able to sync to music played on your smartphone. Adding a downloadable app will allow you to control your lights from almost anywhere. You can also find floating lights that will be a charming complement to the inflatables you have lounging around in your pool.

Colorful Fountains

In addition to the inflatables and floating lights, you can also add a couple of colorful fountains. Nothing is more relaxing than listening to the soft sounds of a fountain while you are making memories with your family. Many fountains come equipped with light wheels that can be used to add different colors while they are running. Color it up and enjoy the soft glow of your new poolside décor.

When you are trying to think of new ways to decorate your home for the holidays, do not forget to include a few swimming pool decorating ideas. Lights, greenery, and a few holiday items scattered around the backyard or the pool are all it takes to make your entire property as festive as possible. At Sparkling Clear Pool Service, we have many different holiday pool decor ideas to share with you to put your pool in the mood for the holidays!