Keep on Top of Pool Maintenance This Summer

Whether you maintain your backyard pool yourself or enlist the help of a professional, proper pool chemistry can help you save time and money. Even though summer is here, it’s not too late to get your pool’s hygiene up to scratch. Regular and reliable pool maintenance can do more than just make summers that much sweeter. To help your family enjoy the pool for longer this summer, take a look at these regular pool maintenance considerations.

Skim debris

If you have nearby trees and bushes, there’s a good chance that the wind will blow debris into the pool. To get the debris out, use a hand or leaf skimmer to make the pool look clean and clear before anyone jumps in. Generally, this will need to be repeated on a semi-weekly basis.

Vacuum the pool

Vacuuming the pool allows you to collect hard-to-reach debris and decreases the number of chemicals you need to need. Make sure that you overlap each part of the pool to ensure you don’t miss any spots. Aim to vacuum the pool weekly or get an automated vacuum that runs on a schedule.

Keep an eye on the water chemicals

The water in your pool relies on certain chemicals to keep bacteria out and maintain the correct chemistry. To ensure your chemical levels are where they should be, aim to check your chlorine and pH levels weekly. Next, determine the saturation index of your pool water monthly as this keeps corrosion and scale from forming around the pool.

Filter the water

Since your pool has more debris and dirt floating around the water during the summer, it’s likely that the filter will get dirtier much more quickly. To help gauge when you should clean or backwash the filter, keep an eye on the pressure. If it reaches 7-10 psi over your clean filter pressure, then you know it’s time to be cleaned and replaced.

Keep the deck clear

As important as it is to keep the water clean, it’s equally important to keep the area around it tidy. Make sure toys and garbage aren’t scattered around the pool as they could fall into the water. Wipe down the tile, handrails, and furniture frequently to maintain a clean and sanitary area.

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