How Rain Impacts Your Pool Water 

Rainwater is known to have acidic properties that can negatively affect your pool water chemistry balance. This can directly affect anything from the pH balance to alkalinity levels and more. Read on to learn more about the effects of rain on your pool and learn how you can prevent these changes from happening.

Effects of Rainwater

Rainwater is more acidic than normal water. This means that its pH value ow lower than that of your pool. Typically, a pool is kept at a pH of 7.5, which means that why acidic rain enters the pool, the pool’s pH alters. As the pool water becomes more acidic, you may find that the water irritates your eyes when swimming.

Protect Your Pool

You can’t always protect the rainwater from getting inside of your pool. A sure way to protect your pool from the effects of rain is by increasing your pool’s pH level, however, this will depend on the amount of rainfall. In periods of light rain, your pool water will eventually adjust its pH level on its own. However, if there is enough rain to raise the water level by about an inch, you will need to adjust the pH level yourself. To do this, drain your pool slightly and then check the water’s pH level and adjust if necessary.

If the weather forecast is set for heavy rain, protect your pool even further by drawing the cover over it. Although this won’t keep out all of the rainfall, it can reduce the amount of water that seeps in.

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