Preparing a Christmas pool party may take some time and thoughtful effort, depending on how special you want it to be. It’s wise to make sure your pool is thoroughly cleaned and safe for use. For this, you can opt for a reputable pool maintenance service in Fairview, TX. Here are more important things to know about planning a holiday pool party.

What Do You Need for Your Winter Pool Party?

Since your pool will be the life of the party, it’s imperative to make it as safe and attractive as possible. Consider these essentials:

  • Heating your swimming pool – A heat pump or gas heater will keep your guests warm in the pool, even on a cold night.
  • Covering the pool – It’s helpful to keep your pool covered so that it absorbs as much heat as possible. In the winter, heat will dissipate faster when it’s cold outside, so covering the pool helps prevent costly heat loss.
  • Automatic Timer – Your pool will be safer and need less maintenance when you install an automatic timer. Not only will it keep the water warm and prevent your pool from freezing, but it also helps keep your water clean. You can program it for a specific time and temperature setting.
  • Healthy balanced water – Use safe winter pool sanitizers such as chlorine, bromine, or biguanide to provide germ-free water balance. It’s important to maintain proper pH levels in the water and other factors affecting water quality, such as ideal calcium hardness.
  • Water flow – The faster water molecules move, the more they heat up, which is why you need a powerful and fast speed pump with controls to adjust speed. Be sure to inspect your pool pump, pool filter, and skimmer to assess proper water flow.

Easy Christmas Pool Party Decoration Ideas

You can begin decorating your pool once you’ve made sure it’s safe and warm. Generally, adding lighting and colors makes a pool more festive during any season.

  • Christmas Reef and Lights Swimming Pool Border – When you decorate the perimeter of the pool with reefs, red bows, and colored lights, it creates a recognizable and inspiring Christmas season ambiance.
  • LED Christmas Lights Pool Border and Accent Pieces – You can complement reefs and colored lights with additional white LEDs on the outer edge. Once your pool area looks colorful, you can add even more colorful LEDs throughout your backyard.
  • LED Floating Christmas Trees – For extra eye candy and holiday spirit, use floating devices to showcase Christmas trees in your pool. The trees can be artificial cone-shaped objects that you can repurpose from various household materials. Always use waterproof material and battery-powered LEDs or solar lights for safety.
  • DIY Floating Santa Christmas Pool party Decoration – Any Christmas-oriented props will add holiday cheer to your pool. You just need to glue props such as a Santa figure to a small block of styrofoam.
  • Floating Candy Cane Christmas Pool Decor – At a pool store, purchase white pool noodles and red ribbons. Then bend the noodle in a candy shape and twist the ribbons around the pool noodles to create a candy cane effect.
  • Floating Christmas Floral Bouquet – Purchase a styrofoam ball from an art shop and attach artificial flowers to it. The job is easier using a hot glue gun.
  • Floating LED Pool Balls Floating – Consider waterproof battery-powered LED pool lights on pool floaters for additional colorful ambiance.
  • Christmas Reefs for Pool (styrofoam ring + reef) – At the art store, look for a styrofoam ring smaller than a reef and attach it to the reef with a fishing line.

Christmas Pool Party Games

  • Flip Duck – This game consists of 8 players, each with a rubber duck. Two teams of 4 players line up to make ducks placed on the edge of the pool flip from hand movement when someone says “go.” After flipping the duck, the player swims to the opposite wall and back. The winning team is the first one to flip all their ducks.
  • Sponge Bop – You’ll need 6-10 players and at least 10 sponges. This game also involves two even teams that line up on opposite sides of the pool’s shallow end. When someone says “go,” it becomes a game of dodgeball as the object is to eliminate opponents by hitting them with a sponge ball. A player who is “out” can return to the game when a teammate catches a sponge. However, once a team runs out of “live” players, the other team wins.
  • Glowing Sea Diving – This water sport also involves teams. For 4 players, you’ll need about 24 glowsticks divided into 4 different colors. You’ll also need 2-4 containers or baskets and a stopwatch or timer. Give each color a certain point value. Then distribute the glowsticks around the pool. Using a timer, give players 60 seconds to collect 1-3 glow sticks at a time to put them in baskets. After a minute, add up the scores based on color value.
  • Floating Points – In this game of racking up point totals in baskets, all you need are two players and about 30 ping pong balls. Use a timer to give players a minute to collect scattered ping pong balls with assigned points marked on each ball.

Christmas Pool Party music

To make your holiday party complete, you can add a Christmas playlist from an audio streaming service like Spotify to create a musical soundscape. It might get your guests singing along with holiday classics that bring back a lifetime of good memories. All you need is a computer with speakers to deliver a familiar holiday soundtrack.

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