Your swimming pool is a lot of fun in the summer but can be a lot of work in the winter if you let the pipes and pump get too cold. If you know the temperatures will be dropping below the freezing point, you need to take measures to prevent any damage. Being proactive is the best way to prevent costly repairs and ensure things are working properly the next time you use them.

Make Sure the Pool Pumps Keep Running

Freezing temperatures don’t always occur in Texas, but when they do occur, you need to be prepared. Making sure that the pump timer is turned off is an important step. Your pump needs to be allowed to run continuously to ensure the water keeps flowing and won’t freeze. You can turn the timer on when the temperatures start to rise.

Have Freeze Protection Equipment in Place

Installing a freeze sensor will turn the pump on when the temperature drops below a certain point. You can also use a digital clock with an air temperature sensor to turn the pump on whenever the temperature is supposed to start dropping. This will prevent the pump from turning off and keep your pool from freezing.

Properly Winterize Your Pool Equipment and Plumbing

You can partially winterize your pump if you want to minimize the risk of freezing. The first step is to remove the drain plugs and let the water run out. Pour pool antifreeze into the water pipes to replace the water. Make sure all of the water is out of the plumbing system. Replace the drain plugs to keep out excess water and keep the pipes from freezing.

Other Pool Problems May Be Present During Winter

If the weather is severe, it may cause a power outage. If this occurs, you will need to drain the pump manually by removing the drain plugs and opening any valves. Turn the power to the pool off at the breaker so it won’t kick back on if power is restored. Replace the drain plugs. When the power is turned back on, you will have to prime the pump before you turn the power back on at the breaker box.

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What to Do If Your Pool Equipment Is Already Frozen?

If your pool equipment has already started to freeze, turn off the power and cover the equipment with a tent. Use a small space heater to heat the equipment until it has thawed. If you can’t get it unthawed, you should call your pool tech to come over and check it out.

If the temperatures drop and you are concerned about your pool pump, contact our professional staff at Sparkling Clear Pool Service. We are here to help you through all your winter pool maintenance needs and offer you effective tips on keeping your pool equipment safe during winters.


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