Throwing a Thanksgiving swimming pool party in Allen, TX, won’t be like a traditional holiday gathering. While you can still cook a turkey and have a full dinner, sometimes it’s afterward when you can create the most precious memories. The holidays are the best time to make memories that will last a lifetime. Invite your friends and family. Have them bring their kids. Hosting a Thanksgiving Day pool party is the best way to spend the evening if you don’t want to have a huge holiday meal. It doesn’t take a lot of planning to create the perfect holiday gathering.

Have a Campout

Texas nights in November are perfect for camping outside near the pool. It’s Thanksgiving! Invite family and friends over for a campout. Pitch a few tents in the backyard and get the campfire started. Grab a bag of marshmallows and some hot dogs too. If there are any leftovers from your Thanksgiving dinner, put them out as well. You don’t have to let your holiday end with the Thanksgiving turkey! Include a campout in your celebration and keep the festivities going all night long. As the night winds down, glance up at the stars. Enjoy the quiet moments and look forward to the rest of the holiday season.

Host a Theme Party

Instead of the traditional Thanksgiving themes, you can choose almost any theme you want. Have a costume party or watch your favorite movie. Include decorations, balloons, and whatever else you may need to set the mood. If people want to dress up as their favorite character, let them! You can stick with the traditional holiday turkey dinner, or you can create a menu of your own that includes the foods that go best with your theme. You can choose any theme you like. The goal is to bring your family together and give thanks for all the goodness that life has offered.

Hot Chocolate and Holiday Movies

Nothing finishes up a holiday celebration like hot chocolate and holiday movies. Bring a television out on the back deck and toss a few floaters in the pool. Then, make a big batch of hot chocolate and turn on your favorite holiday movies. Let everybody get comfortable so they can relax and enjoy the end of a full day of celebrating with family and friends. The holidays aren’t just about keeping up with old traditions. They are for making memories and starting a few new traditions as well.

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