Maintaining proper balance in your pool water serves several purposes. First, it keeps your pool water looking it’s very best. It prevents the water from changing colors or having any unpleasant odors due to algae growth. The balance in your pool water also helps keep bacteria to a minimum and provides a safe environment for your family to enjoy swimming and playing in the pool. Maintaining a proper pH balance in your pool water can help ensure a clean and safe pool that can be enjoyed every day of the year.

What Exactly Is Water Balancing?

Having proper pH balance in your water is essential if you want to provide your family with a safe and comfortable swimming environment. Special chemicals must be added to the water in specific amounts to maintain the delicate pH, calcium, and alkaline levels. These levels are constantly being altered by the elements, people spending time in the pool, and changes caused by the water evaporating or being replaced on a regular basis.

What Will Happen to My Pool If the Water Balance Is Off?

If your water is properly balanced, it will allow chemicals to work as they should. It also means you won’t have to constantly work to keep your pool looking clean and fresh. If your water goes out of balance with a high pH, it can cause scaling on the pooling equipment, clogging filters and heaters, preventing the water from circulating efficiently. A low pH can lead to damaged pool equipment and surfaces due to increased corrosion.

When Should I Be Worried About My Pool Water?

Alkalinity and calcium hardness are two other concerns. When alkaline levels drop, it can result in your pH levels swinging out of control. Otherwise known as “pH bounce,” this can throw off pH levels to the point where it may be difficult to bring your water back into proper balance. Alkaline levels that are too high can make your pool water look cloudy. Low calcium hardness can result in scales that have a damaging effect on your pool’s surfaces.

How Often Should My Water Be Balanced?

Most pool companies recommend testing your water as soon as you begin to notice signs of scaling or discoloration of water. Frequently using your pool and constant exposure to the elements can cause your pool water to go out of balance rather quickly. Check your pool’s pH whenever you notice changes. If changes begin to occur more frequently, you may want to call your pool company to come and check your filtration system to make sure everything is functioning efficiently.

Keeping your pool water balanced is important if you want your family to have a comfortable and safe place to play and swim. Having questions is natural. Contact our team here at Sparkling Clear Pool Services, and we will assist you.