Owning a swimming pool means a lot of work when it comes to regular maintenance and keeping up with all of the chemicals and possible repairs. Signing a service agreement with the right pool care company can be the difference between having an amazing summer or one where you are always working on your pool.

A Customized Plan

A customized service agreement is built around your needs. It takes into consideration what you want to be in control of and how often you want your pool company to visit your home. With a customized service agreement in place, you can maintain control and choose what services you want and which ones you can do without.

Regularly Scheduled Appointments

Most service agreements will allow for regularly scheduled appointments. With a regular schedule of visits, you will know when your pool maintenance company is going to visit and what services will be provided with each visit. It also allows you to plan your own schedule around the visits or make sure the pool techs have access to the pool area if you are not home.

One Company to Deal With

When you choose to sign a pool service agreement, you will only have one company to deal with. Working with one company on a regular basis will allow you to build a solid foundation of trust with your pool techs. You don’t have to worry about strangers visiting your home and can rely on them to be always available.

Always a Priority

With a service agreement in place, you will always be a priority with your pool company. While your pool company will always have other customers, most will prioritize those customers who have signed service agreements. If a customer has a signed service agreement in place, they have already made a commitment to use only one pool service. You honor that commitment by making those customers your first priority.

Go on Autopilot

When you have a service agreement in place, you don’ have to worry about remembering to care for your pool. Instead, you can go on autopilot because you know your pool company will care for all your maintenance tasks with each regularly scheduled appointment.

Fewer Pool Emergencies

With a service agreement, your pool company will check your systems with each visit. This means worn-out parts will be replaced before they break. If an emergency does occur, it will be repaired rather quickly, ensuring that you never miss a minute of being able to enjoy your pool.

Having a service agreement in place guarantees that your pool will always be properly taken care of. At Sparkling Clear Pool Service, we can provide you a service agreement that meets all of your needs. Contact us today to get started.