COVID-19 made almost everyone work from home and called for stay-at-home orders to remain in place for months. Now that businesses are opening up again and people are going back to work, one thing remains the same – the need for social distancing. If you are unable to see your loved ones during this time, take a look at how best to stay connected.


Stay Connected to Your Loved Ones While Social Distancing


Leverage social media

Social media sites are a great way to stay connected to those you love. Connect with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep in regular contact. Post updates and follow your loved ones to see what they are doing during this time. You can even suggest creating your own family hashtag to use so that when you search for it, all your loved ones’ posts will pop up.


Take a virtual class

Whether you take a new class or stick to yoga, there are plenty of online exercise classes that allow you to workout from home with a professional guiding you. If you aren’t ready to face the bustling gym or cannot do so just yet, a virtual class is a great option as it gives you the chance to connect with others in the class.


Use video call

For work and for friends, video calling has helped us stay connected throughout this time. Apps like Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime allow us to see and hear the person – or people! – we call. Arrange to call a friend or family member with a coffee so that it feels as if you are right there with them.


At Sparkling Clear Pool Service, we understand it’s a troubling time for everyone. We hope that these tips help you to stay social while socially distancing.