Cleaning your pool is part of the routine maintenance needed to keep it working properly. A few common signs indicate that you need to clean your pool.

The following are five signs which indicate that your pool needs cleansing:

  1. Cloudy or Discolored Water

Cloudy or discolored water indicates that it is dirty or its chemical balance needs to be adjusted. Much of the discoloration can be cleared by treating the water with chemicals. Restoring the pH balance should clear up algae growth or cloudiness in the water. Skimming the water more frequently and running the vacuum along the walls more often won’t hurt either. Also, ensure to clear debris from the baskets and filters.

  1. Floating Debris on the Surface

Debris that floats on the surface of your pool can fly in from anywhere. Leaves and small twigs can fall from trees and bushes near the pool. Installing a pool cover or putting a screen around your pool will prevent lightweight debris from flying into your pool. Keeping your trees and decorative plants trimmed will prevent much debris from falling into your yard or pool.

  1. Insects and Other Creatures

You know it’s time to clean your swimming pool when you find insects and even snakes and frogs in your pool. When cleaning your pool, always clean out the baskets and filters in case any critters try to escape through them. While a pool cover can prevent them from reaching the water, you should still watch out for them.

  1. Bubbles on the Water

If you see bubbles on your pool’s surface or patches of foam near the skimmer baskets, it could mean that one of the pipes or filters is leaking. You can try cleaning the pool and vacuuming the sides and floor to see if the bubbles and foam return. If they do, you need to call your local pool professionals. They know what to look for and can make the required repairs.

  1. Skewed Chemical Balance

A chemical imbalance can cause various problems in addition to changing the color and clarity of the water. Too many chemicals in your pool water can irritate the skin, eyes, nose, and mucous membranes. Checking the pH levels in your pool every day will prevent the chemicals from going out of balance, keeping your pool in good condition.

A skewed chemical balance also makes the water an ideal breeding ground for insects, making it unsafe and dirty.

Cleaning your pool is a tedious task, so it may be a good idea to hire professionals to clean it once or twice a week. Contact our expert team of pool professionals at Sparkling Clear Pool Service. We can answer your questions and help you keep your pool looking its best.