The Facts About Pool Algae

 We share our planet with zillions of different types of algae, but there is really only one that pool owners need to worry about – the one that is commonly known as blue-green algae. These algae can be frustrating for pool owners as it comes on quickly and can look terrible. It’s easy to ignore a little cloudiness or some stubborn, dark debris by your stairs, especially if your pool is getting heavy use. But overlook algae for too long and you’ll wind up spending a lot of time and money to get rid of it.

What causes swimming pool algae?

Algae spores are continually brought into the pool through wind, rain, contaminated equipment, and even contaminated swimwear. When conditions are right, an algae bloom can occur within a matter of hours. A lack of good circulation, filtration, and sanitation are usually contributing or primary causes of pool algae.

How are algae harmful?

Although algae are not necessarily harmful to swimmers, it does create an eyesore as well as an unpleasant swimming environment.  Also, if neglected over a long period, bacteria associated with algae can be a health concern.  Running your filter when the pool is covered with algae can clog up the filter and even damage it permanently. Pool owners must be careful to remove algae to prevent damage to their equipment.

How can algae be prevented?

The best way to save time and money cleaning up algae is to prevent algae growth in the first place. To prevent growth, you can test your water regularly to ensure that the chemical balance is correct. Since algae grow in optimum conditions, you can maintain your pool conditions to make it toxic for algae growth. An elevated pH and low chlorine levels are the most common causes of algae growth. In addition to routine sanitation, you can use algaecides to prevent algae growth.

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