Get Your Pool Ready for the Summer Months

Spring is here, which means many of us are deep cleaning out homes and blowing away winter’s cobwebs. While you’re in cleaning mode, it’s important to include your pool in the spring cleaning chores. The temperatures are rising, and that means that pool season is right around the corner. To help you get your pool ready for summer, take a look at these springtime maintenance tips.

  • Drain and clean the pool cover

If you have a winter cover or a solid safety cover, you’ll want to drain as much water as possible before removing it. You can do this by placing a cover pump on the cover. Don’t forget to sweep or blow all the leaves from the cover before removal, too, as this will lessen the amount of debris in your water. Once the cover is off, let it dry before storing it away safely.

  • Scrub off winter dirt

Once the pool cover is off, brush down the side walls and steps. Black algae forms a protective shield around itself that only vigorous brushing can remove. After doing this, run the filtration system for several hours and backwash the filter. Repeat if necessary.

  • Check your chemistry

As the temperature increases, algae and bacteria become more active. The key to warding off algae is to start with properly balanced water. Check your pH and chlorine concentrations to make sure that they are not out of balance.

  • Assess the water quality

Check water for high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). High TSD reduces the effectiveness of chlorine, thereby increasing the cost of keeping your pool sanitized. Pools with high TSD are advised to change pool water every three to five years.

  • Tune up your pump

A well-tuned pump motor can save you energy and money. Examine the motor to ensure it’s in good condition. Lubricate the motor if it has any lubrication ports, and check all seals and apply new silicone. Turn on the pump to ensure it primes properly.

A clean and filtered pool is ready for summer splashing! Sound like a lot of work? Cleaning, maintaining, and repairing your pool has never been easier with the help of the qualified team at Sparkling Clear Pool Service. We can keep your pool shining bright and safe for all. Serving McKinney, Allen, Frisco, and neighboring cities in Texas, contact us today on 214-361-0255 to get started!