If you plan to install a pool cover in the winter, ensure it is correct. Poorly fitted pool covers can damage the pool walls if not appropriately placed. The weight of the pool cover must be distributed evenly across the surface of the water. You must have the right size pool cover and follow the appropriate steps when installing it. Extra care will go a long way in keeping your pool in good condition.

Drain the Water

The first step is to drain approximately half the water from the pool. Your local pool professional will advise you on how much water you should leave in your pool. Drain approximately 12 inches or so. Pool covers may only allow for a 12 to 18-inch drop. You will have to read the instructions on the pool cover before you begin to drain the water.

Allow the Pool Cover to Rest on Top of the Water

When you drape the pool cover over the pool, you will want the cover to conform to the sides of the pool and rest on the top of the water. This ensures no gaps between the water and the pool cover. With no gaps between the water and the cover, there is less likelihood that the cover damaged during the winter. Closing these gaps prevents debris and small animals from trying to get inside. This will ensure that your pool is much easier to clean when it’s time to open it back up in the spring.

Let Rain Water Hold Your Pool Cover in Place

Placing the pool cover on top of the water will help to hold it in place, but so will the rainwater, instead of trying to get rid of the water by pumping it away. Instead, allow the rainwater to remain in place. It will hold the pool cover down and protect it from other elements. It will also prevent it from being lifted out of the pool by strong winds. The good thing about rainwater is that it will hold the pool cover down without damaging it.

Tie It Securely

The last step is to tie it securely around the pool. Using heavy bricks can damage the pool cover and cause it to tear. Water tubes for in-ground pools and a tie/cable with a winch for above-ground pools are your best option. You have several options as long as you tie it down as securely as possible without making the ties too tight. Using a cable and winch system is often the best way to go.

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When installing a winter pool cover, you need to know the right way. Contact the pool professionals at Sparkling Clear Pools to ensure you have the right pool cover and install it correctly. Spend a few minutes with one of our professionals, who will guide you through the installation process. We can even help you find the suitable water tubes or tie-downs that will work best for your pool cover and pool.