During the winter, your pool will sit idly by, waiting for the warm summer months to return. Taking the appropriate steps to maintain your pool throughout the winter is a good way to ensure it stays in top condition and is ready when you open it back up in the spring. The following steps will help.

Secure Your Pool with a Fence

Surrounding your pool with a sturdy fence is the best way to keep neighborhood kids from trying to take an impromptu swim. Small children often wander into pool areas and fall in without their parents knowing they are gone. A good pool fence will prevent that. It will also keep out any neighborhood pets that may try to find their way in.

Keep Up with Your Winter Pool Maintenance

Keeping up with your winter maintenance will make it easier to open when the warmer months return. Sweep around your pool and keep the area as clean as possible to keep leaves and other debris from making their way into your pool.

Invest in a Good Pool Cover

Invest in a good pool cover. This will keep debris from falling into the pool and may also keep small animals from going for a swim. Keeping your pool covered is the best way to keep your cleaning and other maintenance tasks under control.

Be Mindful of Frozen Pipes

Be aware of the temperatures and watch for frozen pipes. If temps stay below freezing for any length of time, your pipes may freeze before you realize it. A good rule of thumb is to leave a small trickle of water flowing to prevent your pipes from freezing solid.

Perform a Full System Check

When you start your winter maintenance checklist, one of the first things you will want to do is go over your entire pool system from top to bottom. A complete system check will give you an idea of any potential repairs your system may need when you get ready to open back up in the spring.

Organize Your Pool Storage Area

It’s a good idea to clean out your pool storage area each fall. Get rid of anything you may not need and start to organize your pool chemicals and other items. It will give you a good idea of what you will need to stock up on over the winter. Buying your chemicals during the off-season is a great way to save a few bucks. Your pool shed will be fully stocked and ready to kick off the swimming season by spring.

A Little Chlorine in the Winter Makes Cleaning in the Spring Easier

Adding a small amount of chlorine to your pool water during the winter will make it much easier to clean. It will also prevent a lot of mold and algae growth. Fewer algae mean less time spent cleaning.

Final Takeaway!

Taking care of your pool is a year-round task, even if you can’t use it during winter. Contact the professionals at Sparkling Clear Pools to seek help. Our reputable technicians can offer valuable tips on keeping your pool in the best condition all year long. A little work in the winter will make your job that much easier in the spring.