What to Know About Swimming Pool Heaters

Now that the summer days are gone, you may think that the next time you take a dip in the pool will be next spring. However, with the use of pool heaters, you can enjoy your pool all year long, getting the most of your pool as much as possible. As with any purchase, it’s important to ensure that you are fully informed before committing to anything. Here is what you should know about pool heaters.

Solar Heater

More and more homeowners are looking for environmentally-friendly ways to generate electricity. Solar panel heaters can do just this! They use a renewable energy source to operate and don’t produce any pollution for clean functionality. They collect heat from the sun, which involves water being pushed through the circulation system and solar panels, heating the water up. Generally, solar heater operating costs are kept low.

Electric Heater

There are two types of electric heaters to choose from – electric resistance heaters and electric heat pumps. The first uses an electric current to create heat, whereas the latter takes heat from the air or ground and moves it through a compressor. The running costs of an electric heater can be higher than other heating sources.

Gas Heater

Gas heaters can warm up swimming pools quickly, making it an ideal option for larger pools as well as those which don’t have to be heated regularly. Not only do gas heaters heat the water up quickly, but they also have the capacity to maintain the required temperature no matter what the weather is like. The cost of the heaters heavily depends on the current gas prices and the temperature required.

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