Advantages and Disadvantages of a Saltwater Pool 

When someone says the words salt water, the mind often thinks of the ocean. It may sound strange that people own saltwater pools, but it is more common than you may realize. The main difference between saltwater pools and traditional pools is how they are sanitized. Where a traditional pool uses chlorine-based products, a saltwater pool uses electrolysis.

Salt Water Pools

To sanitize a salt water pool, the salt cell is connected to the control box through two pieces of metal. An electrical charge from the control box through the metal plates starts electrolysis, and water flows through the salt cell, which turns into hypochlorous acid. Nothing is directly added into the water to sanitize the pool. You can control how much salt is mixed in with the water at any given time through the control box. You can also “shock” the pool by using the control box’s boost mode, which outputs the salt at a maximum level to give the pool a quick clean.

The main benefit of a saltwater pool is that you don’t have to work with chlorine. Since chlorine is only present in the water through hypochlorous acid, there is no need to handle it in any way. Although there is still chlorine in the pool, it is diluted and less harsh. Once you have added the salt, there is notably less work involved, too.

However one of the biggest pitfalls of owning a saltwater pool is that the initial investment is much higher than with a traditional sanitization system. You will have to replace metal ladders and railings with plastic versions since metal can corrode when exposed to salt over time. In addition, the salt water can damage the deck if the material of it is not salt-friendly. Wet bathing suits and splashes of water from the pool will leave salt residue on the deck, which can corrode the material and leave stains. The deck should not be made of flagstone, bluestone or travertine.

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