Vinyl pool liners are durable and very long-lasting if they are properly maintained. They will hold their beauty if you keep them clean and prevent harsh chemicals from coming in direct contact with them. Vinyl liners require less maintenance if they are installed correctly. Cleaning and simple maintenance will be enough to keep your pool looking its best.

Cleaning Pool Liner Stains

Before you start cleaning the stains, you will need to know what kind of stains they are. Once you know what type of stain you’re dealing with, you can start cleaning. Ensure to remove any dirt and debris from your pool before you start.

What Cleaners Should I Use?

Today’s vinyl is extremely durable, but it can still be damaged. Contact your pool’s manufacturer to find out what type of pool cleaners you should use on your vinyl pool liner. Avoid using other cleaners until you have talked to a pool professional or your pool’s manufacturer.

Getting the Wrinkles Out of a Pool Liner

The easiest way to remove wrinkles from your vinyl pool liner is to warm the water in your pool and smooth the wrinkles by gently moving your hands and feet along the lines and applying light pressure.

Vinyl Pool Maintenance

Knowing how to keep your vinyl pool clean is a must, but it’s also important to ensure it is properly maintained. Always keep water in your pool to prevent the vinyl liner from getting too hard and creasing.

Preventing a Vinyl Pool Liner from Fading

You can do several things to keep your vinyl pool liner from fading. The vinyl used to make quality pool liners is fade-resistant to an extent. Over the years, this may change as the vinyl starts to age.

Buy a Pool Cover

A quality pool cover will block sunlight and prevent harsh UV rays from damaging your pool cover. A good pool cover will keep water from evaporating and prevent dirt and debris from finding their way into the pool. Quality pool covers can be expensive, but they are worth the price when protecting your pool.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

While you can add harsh chemicals to the water to clean it, avoid getting them in direct contact with the vinyl liner. The harsher chemicals can damage your pool liner, causing it to break down much faster. Harsh chemicals can also discolor or fade the lining of your pool.

Keep Your pH Balanced

Keeping your water chemically balanced is also important. An excessive amount of chemicals can cause the water to be cloudy and give your pool liner a dingy appearance. You may also start to see water lines form. Check your pH daily to ensure that your water stays balanced.

Protecting Your Pool Liner

There are several ways you can protect your pool liner. Always keep water in your pool, so the liner doesn’t dry out and start to crack. As part of your pool’s maintenance checklist, check your pool’s plumbing to ensure there are no leaks or broken parts.

When it comes to maintaining your vinyl pool liner, you want to work with a team of reputable professionals. Contact our team at Sparkling Clear Pool Service today. We can help keep your swimming pool looking sparkling clean.