Maintaining a pool takes a lot of energy. Keeping things running efficiently can save you time and money in the long run. During times when energy bills are climbing, it’s important to save money wherever you can. If you take good care of your pool and maintain it properly, you will be surprised to find out how much money you can actually save over the life of your pool.

The Right Finish

Choosing a darker finish for your pool will actually keep heating costs low. The darker the finish, the more rays they will absorb from the sun. This keeps your pool warmer and will hold heat longer.

Natural Windbreak

Wind can actually lower your pool’s water temperature. Creating a natural windbreak by planting hedges or building a slight berm may be just what you need to prevent moving air from stealing away your pool’s heat. The higher the windbreak, the less air flows over the surface of your pool.

Variable-Speed Pool Pump

A variable speed pool pump is much more energy efficient than older pumps that only have one speed. This will also be more effective at reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. By using a variable speed pump, it will only run as much or as little as needed to keep your pool water clear.

Optimize the Plumbing

Optimize how your pool plumbing works. Narrow pipes and tight turns will make your pool pump work harder than it needs to for maximum efficiency. Talk to your pool professionals to find out what they can do to reduce resistance and make your plumbing more efficient.

Advanced Heating Technology

You can also add solar hot water panels that will help to heat your pool at deeper levels. This technology allows for the deepest water in the pool to be heated first. When used with other types of heating options, you will be able to keep your pool’s temperature more manageable.

Automatic Pool Covers

An automatic pool cover will prevent heat loss. Most pool covers will provide some protection from heat loss. An automatic pool cover keeps the cover level and will provide more effective coverage from edge to edge. Using an automatic system makes a cover much easier to use.

Maintain Your Pool’s Cleaning System

Maintaining your pool’s cleaning system prevents the system from being overwhelmed and will keep your pool as clean as possible. Keeping your filters clean will also prevent damage from occurring if lines start to get clogged.

Use LED Lighting

LED lighting is much more energy efficient than other types of lighting. The lights also offer brighter, whiter light for a crisper appearance. LED lights also burn much longer than other bulbs, so there is much less waste.

Automate Your Pool Functions

Automate as many of your pool’s functions as possible. This ensures that they will be performed at the right time and as they are needed. This saves energy and prevents waste in many ways.

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