When you own a swimming pool, you always want it to be safe for your family. You want the water to be sparkling clear and free of any contaminants. There are times, however, when you may find that nitrates have made their way into your pool. Although your pool is better off without them, they won’t do severe damage. You may not always be able to avoid them, but they are easy to eliminate. Read on to get your pool back in balance the way it should be.

What Are Nitrates?

Plants and nitrates go hand in hand. Nitrates are plant nutrients and chemicals in the air, specific foods, and water. If you have plants, you will also have nitrates. The closer the plants are to your pool, the more nitrates you will find in your pool water. There are several ways they can make their way into your water, even if they are more than a few feet away. Nitrates are everywhere around your pool. Managing their ability to find their way into your swimming pool is up to you. In most cases, regular pool maintenance is all you need.

Where Do Nitrates Come from?

Nitrates come from more than just the plants around your pool. Wells and septic tanks are also familiar sources. Lawn fertilizer can also cause nitrates to make their way into our swimming pool. Rain may not contain nitrates, but when it comes in contact with your lawn, it can cause fertilizer and other chemicals to flow into your pool water. Animals, pets, and people are also sources of nitrates.

How Do You Get Rid of Them?

If left untreated, an overgrowth of nitrates will start to turn your water green. If you catch the nitrates early enough, you can easily eliminate them. You will have many more problems if the water has already started to turn green. If this is the case, you will need to drain the water and thoroughly clean the pool before you start filling it back up again. You will need to find the cause of the nitrates and take appropriate measures to prevent them from returning.

Prevent Nitrates from Coming Back

If you want to prevent nitrates from returning, you will need to find out how they are finding their way into your pool and correct the problem. Draining your pool is the best way to reduce the number of nitrates in your pool to a manageable level. The next step is to clean and maintain your pool regularly. Keeping it clean and chemically balanced is the best way to ensure that any nitrates are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Need Expert Advice in Getting Rid of Nitrates? Contact Sparkling Clear Pools!

Controlling nitrates isn’t difficult if you know what they are and what causes them. Contact us at Sparkling Clear Pool Service. If you have nitrates in your pool water, we can help you eliminate them. Once they are gone, we can help you keep them under control so they no longer will pose a problem. Before you know it, your water will be safe and clean, and your family will swim again.