Swimming Pool Energy-Saving Tips

Every homeowner is looking for easy ways to save money on outgoings these days. If you have a pool, you may be looking for tips on how to cut back the cost of having a pool – and adopting energy-saving habits can help! From swimming pool maintenance to energy-efficient pumps, here are some tips to help you save money!

Energy-Efficient Pool Pumps

Having an energy-efficient pool pump is an important part of maintaining your pool and keeping running costs low. Using a smaller, higher efficiency pump and operating it less often can lower your pool energy costs. Many pool owners operate their pumps longer than required, so be sure to seek professional advice on how to keep your pool water clean without running your pump unnecessarily.

Use Solar Heaters

Solar heaters are a great way to help save on operating costs. Many solar pool heating systems include a collector where water is heated by the sun and proceeds into circulation. The collector will then filter any debris from the pool water and circulate it back into the pool with clean water. Solar pool heaters are most cost and energy-efficient way to heat your pool, over gas or electric.

Keep It Clean

If you keep your pool clean, not only will you spend less time on pool maintenance, but you’ll save a bunch on operating and chemical costs. A clean pool uses up far fewer chemicals than a dirty pool. A clean pool means good water flow, where a dirty pool is quite the opposite. Good water flow means less strain on your pool equipment, and you can keep your heaters in better shape all year round. Professionals can help keep your pool clean and well-maintained.

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