During the summer, having a swimming pool at home can provide a refreshing escape after a busy day. In addition to its recreational benefits, a pool also serves as an excellent venue for exercise, as swimming engages and works out multiple muscle groups throughout the body.

Owning a pool is responsible for regular maintenance to keep the pool fit for use. Did you know that some pools can be harsh on the environment because of excessive energy usage and harmful chemicals for maintenance? Hence, environment-conscious people ensure their swimming pools do not adversely impact their surrounding. And opting for eco-friendly swimming pool maintenance techniques is one way to ensure that.

Effective Ways of Maintaining an Eco-Friendly Swimming Pool

Here are some effective eco-friendly swimming pool maintenance tips:

  1. Choose Eco-Friendly Pool Chemicals
    For cleaning swimming pools, most of us use chlorine as it is highly effective. However, it is a harsh chemical with considerable negative environmental impacts. Mercury emissions are common in chlorine manufacturing and when poured into the pool, it causes ozone pollution. Chlorine is also considered a pesticide.Instead, you can use poly hexamethylene biguanide, ozonator systems, or natural mineral sanitizers for cleaning swimming pools. You can also use native aquatic plants to purify the pool water.
  1. Use Solar Energy or a Heat Pump
    It is good to use solar pool heaters or heat pumps for heating the pool.Solar pool heaters harness energy from the sun to heat the pool. Along with being energy-efficient and environment-friendly, this also helps reduce energy costs.Heat pumps also use minimal electricity to utilize thermal energy from the air and keep the pool water warm. Just ensure that the pump is clean for optimal performance.
  1. Consider Robotic Pool Cleaners
    Robotic pool cleaners are great for eco-friendly swimming pool maintenance. Using these cleaners minimizes pressure on the pool filters, and harsh cleaning chemicals are unnecessary. You will use 90% less energy, which is good for you and the environment.
  1. Regular Maintenance of Pool Filters
    You must clean your filters regularly to maintain an eco-friendly pool. Dirty filters reduce the effectiveness of cleaning agents and overwork the pump, whereas clean filters minimize energy usage and better the pool’s performance. While some filters need backwashing, some need replacements.
  1. Adding a Timer to Your Pool Pumps
    Adding a timer to the pool pump ensures that the pump runs for a specific time instead of running all the time. It saves energy, thereby reducing the overall pool maintenance costs. The pool pump timers filter the water regularly.


With the above-mentioned swimming pool maintenance tips, you will be able to keep your pool in good condition over the years and save on energy bills simultaneously. These eco-friendly measures keep the environment happy.

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