Even though everyone may want a pool, that doesn’t mean they have the space to install one. Not all of us have the room for a 40’ pool. However, that doesn’t mean that we should give up on the dream of installing a pool. Small spaces work and there are plenty of backyard pool ideas that you can fit around your yard that is small or oddly-shaped.


Backyard Pool Ideas for Small Spaces


Plunge pools

The trend towards smaller backyards has led to the creation of the plunge pool. They are a great way to beat the heat of summer and enjoy a refreshing dip, even if that’s all it is. A plunge pool is not long in length, but it is deep. You can submerge yourself and enjoy the cool waters in these types of pools.


Just because you can’t do laps doesn’t mean they can’t be used for exercise. Plunge pools are ideal for water aerobics and water jogging, and you can install a jet system for a bit of luxury.


These small backyard pools still have the beauty of a pool but without requiring all of the space. They look great built into the ground with tiles flanking all sides and then surrounded by decking. What’s more, they are suitable for a range of backyards, as even the smallest pool may only need to be 9’ in length.


Small pools with great shapes

If you’re looking for a small backyard pool that will fit a challenging space, wait until you hear these options.


  • Courtyard Roman – This pool can fit into tight spots at under 20’ in length. It is the ideal centerpiece for a stunning courtyard setting. Even though it’s small, it can come loaded with features. Install jets or have curved seating at one end. The main body of the pool is wonderful for playing games or simply relaxing in the summer sunshine.
  • Tuscany – A Tuscany pool is a freeform shape that can adapt to any theme you may wish to create. Often kidney bean-shaped, this pool is all curves with no harsh edges, offering considerably versatile placement.


There are plenty of pool options that you can fit into the backyard space you have. Once you’ve installed your dream pool, be mindful of cleaning it often and keep it clean and sanitized. No matter how small your pool may be, it still needs to be cared for often to ensure its longevity.


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