When your pool is sparkling clean and easy to maintain, you tend to enjoy your swimming sessions more because you are sure that the water is safe. Follow these 10 easy tips to keep your pool sparkling clean.

The importance of having a sparkling clean pool cannot be overemphasized. A pool void of rhizomes, algae, and all other organisms, with a balanced pH, is perfect for relaxing. The following tips should be incorporated regularly if you want to make your pool sparkle.

1)    Make it a routine to remove all forms of debris from the surface of your pool. Brush the walls of the pool for algae and calcium buildup. A great way to handle this is by coming up with daily and weekly checklists.

2)   Always check the chemical balance of the water at least once or twice a week. This will ensure that it’s within the acceptable levels. The balance is what helps the water stay safe, clean, and sanitary. Check the pH balance and add chemicals as needed.

3)   Endeavour to always check your pool pumps. Pool pumps keep your swimming pool efficient. It also aids in the circulation of pool water which can decrease buildup and algae growth.

4)   Always check your pool filter from time to time, especially if it’s a cartridge-type filter. If your filter is the sand type, backwash it and then wash the screens of the filter. The filter is one of your pool’s most important components, so you have to be very careful with it.

5)   Check the water level and refill as necessary. The water level in your pool needs to be exactly right to keep your filters and skimmers working properly. Allowing it to drop or rise could cause some real problems in keeping your pool clean. It also throws off the chemical balance since the water level might not match your normal doses of chemicals.

6)   Superchlorinate the water occasionally to reduce the chlorine odor. Avoid the mistake of simply adding more chlorine.

7)     Check the pool surface for significant cracks or signs of wearing and repair if possible.

8)     Service the pool heater and clean out calcium buildup from the tubes.

9)   Using the right products in the right quantity and at the right time is key to maintaining a healthy pool. It also guarantees the swimmers’ comfort.

10) Be extra careful with the maintenance of your pool during summer which can be a difficult task. Pools are used more during summer and there are more bugs. You must know how to keep a pool clean throughout the summer so you can get the most out of it every day.


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