Tips to Install a Winter Pool Cover

Draining the Pool

The first essential step in winterizing your pool is to drain about 12 inches of water from it. Your local pool professional will guide you on the exact amount. Check your pool cover's instructions to determine the permissible water level.

Cover Placement

When placing the pool cover, make sure it drapes over the pool and conforms to the sides, resting on top of the water. This eliminates gaps between the cover and the water, protecting it during the winter. No gaps mean less debris and fewer intrusions by small animals, simplifying the pool's spring cleaning.

Rainwater as a Securer

Instead of trying to pump rainwater away, allow it to stay on top of the cover. Rainwater acts as a natural weight, keeping the cover in place and safeguarding it from external elements. This prevents strong winds from lifting the cover and causing damage.

Secure Ties

The final step is to tie down the pool cover securely. Avoid using heavy bricks that can damage the cover. Opt for water tubes for in-ground pools, while above-ground pools benefit from a tie/cable with a winch. Regardless of your choice, ensure a secure tie without making it overly tight.

Maintenance and Protection

Regularly check the cover throughout the winter to ensure it remains securely in place. Keeping it clean and free of debris will make the reopening process in spring much more manageable and prevent any potential damage to the pool cover.

When installing a winter pool cover, you need to know the right way.  Contact the pool professionals at Sparkling Clear Pools to ensure you have the right pool cover and install it correctly.  We can even help you find the suitable water tubes or tie-downs that will work best for your pool cover and pool. Click on the link below to contact us today!