5 Important Steps to Take for Winter Pool Preparation

Clean Your Pool Inside and Out

Ease your pool's spring opening by cleaning it thoroughly before closure. Wash and wipe down interior walls, clear surrounding debris, sweep, & wipe accessible equipment. A clean closure ensures a hassle-free reopening.

Shock It

Prevent algae growth during pool closure by shocking it before shutting it down. Add algaecide a few days before closing, allowing chlorine to dissipate. Avoid shocking with the pump off to prevent cover damage and ease spring cleaning.

Lower the Water Level

Protect your pool by lowering water levels before freezing temperatures. Easier spring cleaning, reduced algae, and prevent liner damage. Keep 18-24 inches of water for winter.

Disassemble and Drain the Plumbing

Disassemble and drain plumbing to prevent freezing damage. Take apart the pipes to ensure no water is trapped in the pump system. Reassemble when dry, tightening all parts.

Add Winterizing Chemicals

After cleaning and drying your system, add winterizing chemicals to prevent freezing. Leave them until the risk of freezing subsides, maintaining a well-functioning pump and plumbing system year-round.

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