How to Prevent and Remove Scale from Salt Cells

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Common Challenge

Scale build-up is a common issue for salt pool owners, especially in hard-to-see areas like the cell plates inside the electrolytic chlorine generator (ECG).

Causes of Scale Build-Up

Scale tends to form due to increased heat and high pH production in the ECG. Higher temperatures cause calcium to deposit, and unbalanced pH levels contribute to scaling around the pool surface and equipment.

Prevention Methods

Use scale control solutions added directly to circulating water on a monthly basis. Maintain balanced pH levels and promptly clean build-ups as they occur to prevent scale formation.

Cleaning Process

Combat scale build-up in your salt pool by using muriatic acid. Turn off the filter, remove the salt cell, rinse plates, and perform a 4:1 water-acid wash for stubborn build-up. Rinse, reinstall, and keep your pool in top shape.

Safety Measures

When using muriatic acid, wear gloves and follow safety guidelines. Avoid covering salt cell connections during the wash. Dispose of the acid safely and store for future use. Regular maintenance is key for top salt pool performance.

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