Shocking your pool automatically raises your pool’s chlorine levels. Adding chlorine breaks down contaminants that are organic in nature.

What Causes High Chlorine Levels?

If you get out of the pool and your eyes and skin begin to feel irritated, it’s a good sign that your pool’s chlorine levels are too high. 

Signs You Have Too Much Chlorine

There are a few different ways to lower your pool’s chlorine levels. Some may take longer than others, but lowering the levels will minimize the irritation you may experience when you get into your pool.

Lowering Pool Chlorine Levels

Chlorine will dissipate gradually when exposed to direct sunlight. Take the cover off your pool and let the water soak up all the sunshine it can.

Exposing Water to Sunshine

You know it’s time to clean your swimming pool when you find insects and even snakes and frogs in your pool.

Chlorine Neutralizers

You can also drain and refill part of the water out of your pool. While this is effective at lowering chlorine levels, it will also reduce the amounts of other pool chemicals.

Dilute Your Pool Water

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