Common Pool Problems and Ways to Fix Them

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Green Water Green water in a pool is usually caused by algae growth due to low chlorine levels. To fix it, shock the pool, brush the walls and surfaces, and vacuum until it returns to normal.

Dirty Filter Clean pool filters are essential for maintaining efficiency and cleanliness. Heavy pool usage and environmental factors contribute to filter dirtiness. Clean your filter based on its type and consider using specialized products to remove oils and sunscreens that can clog it.

Low or high pH The safe pH range for pool water is 7.2 to 7.6. pH levels outside this range can cause irritation to the eyes, skin, and throat of swimmers. Regularly test the pool water for pH levels and use appropriate pool chemicals to maintain the balance.

Leaking Vinyl Liner A leaking vinyl liner in a swimming pool needs immediate attention. If it's old and worn, patching may not last long. For newer liners in good condition, patching can be effective for years depending on the tear's location and pressure on the liner.

Pool Liner Coming Out of Track Aging pool liners require replacement as they become less flexible and shrink. Boiling water is not a lasting solution. Contacting professionals is necessary for a proper fix.

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